We Redefine Remarkable

Experience engineering at the world's greatest events.

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What we do

We don’t just deliver hospitality;
we redefine it.

Decades of expertise, all distilled into creating extraordinary sporting hospitality experiences across the globe. We set standards, push boundaries, and evolve our services to lead the sports hospitality industry.

About us

How we do it

A 360-degree service offer

With our business processes and existing infrastructure, the partnership can readily set up on-the-ground operations with great efficiency and in a timely manner for any sport event. Experience engineering is at the heart of what we do, working with a global team of leaders in their fields to create superb end-to-end experiences, from first touchpoint to final moment.

Management Bios

The Senior Team

Jaime Byrom,
Executive Chairman

Jaime Byrom is the Executive Chairman and founder of BEYOND Hospitality Group. He has over 35 years of experience in the sports events industry, with extensive knowledge in business development he continues to drive the financial and commercial growth of the group by expanding business opportunities and developing its global footprint. Jaime leads the BEYOND Hospitality corporate strategy and retains executive oversight of our global operations and all key contractual negotiations.

Mike Kelly,
Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Kelly is the Chief Revenue Officer of BEYOND Hospitality and is responsible for driving revenue growth and new business across BEYOND Hospitality’s portfolio of events. He oversees the in-house and international sales team and relationships with BEYOND's global sales agent network. Michael has more than two decades of experience in delivering and selling major international sports events in the areas of hospitality, ticketing, accommodation and travel services and has held a senior management position for five editions of the FIFA World Cup™.

Vivienne Bervoets,
Chief Administration Officer

Vivienne Bervoets is the Chief Administration Officer and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and organisation, as well as strategy, policy, budget monitoring and in-country delivery. She is responsible for the functional areas of Catering, Technical & Operations, Procurement, Guest Services, Event Logistics and Human Resources. Vivienne has over 30 years’ experience in event management and hospitality, and has been involved in the delivery of four FIFA World Cups at the executive level.

Ricardo Fort,
Chief Marketing Officer

Ricardo Fort is the Chief Marketing Officer of BEYOND Hospitality and is responsible for the marketing operation across the company’s portfolio of events. Ricardo is one of the most respected names in the global sponsorship business, having worked on lucrative deals with FIFA, UEFA, the International Olympic Committee and many other worldwide sports and entertainment properties.

Richard Bodin,
Director of Ancillary Services

In his role as Director of Ancillary Services for BEYOND Hospitality, Richard is responsible for the commercial architecture and delivery of event travel and ancillary services including airline and tour solutions. Richard has more than 30 years’ experience in leadership roles in travel, including several successful travel companies and airlines across three continents.

Chris Budd,
Director of Projects & IT

Chris is responsible for BEYOND Hospitality’s project management team as well as IT planning and infrastructure. Chris has over two decades of experience in delivering large-scale ticketing and IT solutions for major sporting events. He has lead on one or more aspects of ticketing, project management and IT solutions for six editions of the FIFA World Cup™.

James Byrom,
UK Events Managing Director

As UK Events Managing Director, James is responsible for overseeing key areas of project delivery and business development at BEYOND Hospitality. James has over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of ticketing operations and the design of hospitality programmes at major events - including several prestigious motorsports fixtures and six FIFA World Cups.

Boyan Mintchev,
Chief Financial Officer, North America

Boyan Mintchev is the Chief Financial Officer, North America of BEYOND Hospitality Group and is responsible for all financial functions, including planning, reporting, accounting, internal controls, treasury, and risk management of the Group’s North American operations. Boyan brings over 25 years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking and strategic development. He has a diverse educational and cultural background, having lived in several countries throughout Europe, North Africa and North America.